Sometimes there are moments where you’re listening to a new song for the first time and all of a sudden all of your worries just disappear and you’re transported to a whole new world where nothing in the really world matters. It’s something that I don’t often experience but when I heard Aisha Badru’s latest single Love Doesn’t Fade I entered a trance like state and when the track ended I was left wondering what beauty that had just unfolded before my very ears.

The lyrics in this are pure poetry with the tender ethereal vocals of Badru delivering them so perfectly that every word hits you like the final blow in a prize winning fight. With the soft strumming of an acoustic guitar leading the production this whole piece feels so intimate, like Badru is just sat down talking to you about her own personal love that makes you just feel weightless. Add in the gorgeous music video and you’ve got something that is the very definition of euphony.

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