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Smile from ear to ear with The Starlings joyous new single “My Town”


So I’ve had a torrid few days this past week, a lot of stuff getting me in a horrible mood where I just didn’t want to smile or feel happy at all. Then came The Starlings with their uplifting and positively joyous single My Town, honestly it got about half way through and I couldn’t help myself from smiling like an absolute idiot.

The song is all about creating your perfect world where politics doesn’t matter, love is everywhere around us and Bruce Springsteen would be collaborating with James Brown, it’s using you imagination to envision a new world that we could all one day create. Is it cheesy? Most definitely but in all honesty that is what makes this track so beautifully brilliant, it doesn’t try and be the typical call indie song, it embraces that cheesy happiness to the point where you can’t help but smile and I freaking love it.

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