British artist Dawn Coulshed has one of those voices that could sing the phonebook and I’d happily listen to it all, yes I know that’s a cliche but damn it really does make sense with her. Every note he sings is, quite frankly, outstanding and she fully demonstrates that in her emotionally inclined and hauntingly beautiful single Same Side.

“Same Side came about after personally witnessing how people can lie and clash with each other, without realising that often they’re fighting for the same thing,” Dawn Coulshed explains. “That’s what we do as humans. We argue and fight, but ultimately, we all want the same things in life. With what’s been going on at the moment, especially in politics, this song feels more relevant than ever.”

The subject matter of this song is incredibly true, we all fight but the majority the time it is for a similar reason, even if those reasons may seem worlds apart. The lyrics are poignant with them being incredibly emotive whilst also shining a light on the tragedy of human conflict and the somber production only enhances the emotional capacity of them further. Then you’ve got her vocal that is just the cherry on top of this utterly divine piece of music.

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