Swedish artist A Choir of Ghosts has this truly haunting yet completely captivating alternative folk sound that just draws you in and leaves you absolutely speechless from start to finish. His latest single Sinner in Rapture sounds like something you’d hear in a classic Lord of the Rings movie but what it made me think about most was Nirvana’s live performance of Where Did You Sleep Last Night, everything from the emotion to the haunting nature made me think back to that song and that is a big compliment.

“Sinner in Rapture is about the way all young people are set up to fail with the way society is built and how I didn’t want to be part of that capitalist machine. This song is the end of the world, the end of everything we know,” A Choir of Ghosts explains.

The production makes you feel as if you’re wandering through this enchanting woods with only the evocative vocals being your guide and the ominously beautiful production as your soundtrack. If the film Into The Wild hadn’t been made all those years ago then this would’ve been the perfect song to describe the entire movie, from the lyrics, vocals and meaning it all is just simply a work of art.

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