The British musician TWST sound is quite eclectic with her being able to produce uplifting club anthems like Sad Girls Club But U Gotta Be Cute, more emotional glitch pop styled numbers like Always and now she’s released ominous yet raw single with an addictive drop in the form of Are You Listening.

The best way to describe this song? It’s like someone took Billie Eilish’s whisper like vocal and combined it with the hard-hitting addictive beats of Krewella to create this dynamic track that is quite outstanding. The production is honestly superb with the verses having this tender synth melody before launching in the chorus that features these erratic beats that draw you in instantaneously and when you combine all that with her spellbinding vocal, a killer music video and a hook that will have you yelling out Are You Listening and you’ve got a song I’ll be playing on loop for weeks to come.

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