Australian artist Mild Minds is known for creating beautifully crafted and effortlessly entrancing pieces of electronica with previous singles like Movements and Swim being two prime examples of this. Now he’s dropped his latest single which is a collaboration with the superb vocalist Boats, is titled WALLS and is honestly an absolutely stellar piece of ambient electronica.

“The meaning behind ‘WALLS’ is somewhat dichotomous, we wanted the track to have a dual meaning depending on the listener,” Mild Minds explains. “Boats wanted the message to be somewhat political, a nod to the issues happening at the American border, whilst I wanted to reference the more internal and interpersonal walls we build every day.”

Each note caresses you and invites you deeper into this swirling pool of emotion with the somber tinged electronic backing transporting you to this whole new world with Boats’s honey drizzled vocal being your narrator. It’s a single where the lyrics can be interpreted in many different ways and this allows you to relate them to your own personal anguish which makes this track all that more interesting. To one person it could be about their own struggles, to another political issues and to another relationship issues, it’s just one of those songs that every can relate to in their own personal way.

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