When you grow up in a small village you often find yourself wanting to do nothing more that get out of there because you find it dull, lifeless or simply not as beautiful as the lights of the city. However you get to that certain point in life when your first home and all the humdrum things that come with that place become beautiful to you once again. It’s finding the beauty within the mundane and that’s exactly what Tom Joshua’s latest single Cinema is all about.

This whole single was inspired by Joshua’s local Showcase Cinema complex with the lyrics having this beautifully poignant and poetic style to them that will give you flashbacks to your own youth to the point where you’ll find yourself yearning to go back to see the beauty you’d almost forgotten about. The production is truly intimate with this tender percussion section and somber piano melody leading the track alongside Joshua’s hauntingly beautiful vocal that sends shivers down my spine with every note. This whole piece is just a work of art.

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