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The Milwaukee based sibling band REYNA are queens of creating beautifully textured and completely irresistible 80’s inspired pop music, which kind of makes sense considering their band’s name is Spanish for queen. Honestly you’ll find yourself listening to one of their songs and before you know it you’ve listened to their entire discography, watched all their interviews and read every article about them, we speak from experience.

They recently dropped the ear worm of a track titled Saw You With Somebody Else that I’m certain you could play at any party and before you know it the dance floor would be full. However what I truly love about this track is the juxtaposing nature of the track with the lyrics being more emotionally inclined to the upbeat and feel good production which creates this fantastic dynamic. Throw in a music video showing the nostalgia of love and optimism of starting over and you’ll find yourself falling in love with these sister’s divine music.

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