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Watching Mike Taylor progress as an artist has been one of the most glorious things to witness in the music industry in my eyes. With every track he’s released he’s been getting better and better and throughout 2020 he’s going to be releasing a track every single Monday and, as expected, his first track Without Me is an emotional anthem in every sense of the phrase.

It’s one of those songs that captures that unreal pain you experience after a break up with the verses having Taylor offer a talking singing style that makes it feel like you’re hearing your old friend confess all this anger to you. It adds this extra weight to the single with Taylor’s raw vocal edding a whole new layer of emotional realness to the lyrics that makes each word feel like the final blow in championship fight with the harsh guitars and beats backing him only enhancing this heartache further. It’s something you’ll want to play if you want to express some of that anger after a bad break up.

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