The music industry from the outside is seen as this glorious and amazing place, however on the inside it is the complete opposite with artist often struggling to get noticed by people in the industry which often results in the artist questioning their own musical ability to the point where they isolate themselves to try and prove those voices wrong. This industry takes it’s toll on you mentally and that whole story is what Manchester based band Y.O.U.N.G’s latest single All My Mistakes is about.

Let’s start off by saying this track is a stadium anthem in the making with these heavy guitars and raw vocals containing this energy that you can just see being unleashed in a stadium full of people where everyone sings every word straight back at the artist. The lyrics contain this raw anguish and pent up aggression that the vocals effortlessly translate with their powerful delivery but they have a sense of optimism towards the end that gives the hint this story might end in a happier way than expected.

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