Lola Marsh – Someday Tomorrow Maybe

Monday, July 4, 2022


It’s rare an album truly captivates me but the Israeli indie pop duo Lola Marsh have done it almost effortlessly with their latest album Someday Tomorrow Maybe. Every song entranced me to the point where I felt like I was being transported to a whole new world and forgot about the world around me, which unfortunately made me miss my station on the London Underground by about five stops but hey the music was good so I am not complaining.

The opening track Echoes is one of the more upbeat numbers of this album but it perfectly captures the tone of the music in this project with it having this smokey yet emotionally encapsulating feeling to it that really draws you in. The follow up Only For A Moment goes for a more mellow approach with the subtle finger clicks and slick guitar melody leading the more brooding style of the production that is somewhat reminiscent of the early 1950’s style of pop music.

Then you’ve got Hold On which belongs in a movie soundtrack, it’s got the cinematic quality to it mixed with this evocative emotion that makes every lyrics feel like a dagger going straight through your heart. Actually the song feels like it should’ve been in The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack, but then you’ve got the Strangers on the Subway which sounds like something you’d hear during an emotional scene in an A24 movie. The contrast between the two songs should make the transition feel a bit disjointed but it actually feels incredibly natural.

Like In The Movies is very Lana Del Rey esque with it’s delivery but the duo still add their own personal flair through the glorious synth explosion in the chorus that really does make turn this track from good into spellbinding. In Your Eyes is a heart-string puller with it’s intimate nature making you feel like the duo are in your living room telling you their own stories like an old friend, until the final third that is where the track becomes enters this grand climax that enthrals you effortlessly.

The next single is probably their most radio friendly track off the album, Give Me Some Time has this melody to it that has you swaying long to the groove easily and the chorus is something that you just want to sing a long to the moment you hear it. Shortly followed is the minimalistic What Am I, the lyrics steal the show in this number because they’re pure poetry and have this ability to easily paint a picture in your mind to the point where you feel like you’re in the room with them as this story is happening.

From now onwards the album goes for a more emotional aspect with Darkest Hour going for a more hard-hitting and raw emotional aspect where as Four Long Seasons goes for a more laidback approach, showing the different aspects and beauty behind the emotional. The instrumental piece of In The Morning beautifully transitions into Where Are You Tonight which ends the whole album on a high note with it being subtle but utterly beautiful.

Overall this album might be one of my favourites to come out of 2020 so far, everything feels perfect and everything feels utterly mesmerising. It’s hard not to fall in love with Lola Marsh’s music after listening to this.

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