The rules of pop over the past year or so have begun undergoing massive changes, what wouldn’t of even had a chance of charting a couple of years ago now has the chance to go straight in at number one. It’s an incredibly exciting time for this genre and artists like Madge spear-heading this movement with her anarchist construction style of production cutting through the white-noise of generic pop as demonstrated in her latest single Headshot.

“Headshot is perhaps my most tongue-and-cheek track yet,” Madge explains. “It’s equal parts literal and sarcastic, oblivious and self-aware. I knew I wanted to make a diss track about myself and everyone out here trying to do what I do – ‘Look at me!’ – and it came out of me quickly and explicitly. I co-produced this track with longtime friend Chance Clift. In many ways I see this track as a harder, meaner follow up to my song ‘Alice’ from last year.”

The highlight of this track is the cacophony of madness that is the production, it’s pure madness with so many different clashing elements that come together to create this dynamic and unique sound that is freaking addictive. Vocally Madge has a classic pop vocal mixed with this slightly edge which is sort of like Charli XCX meets Grimes both stylistically and sound wise. Mix all that with the self-aware lyrics about what every musician is trying to do and you’ll find yourself singing the lyric, “Look at me,” under your breath multiple times for a long time to come.


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