Chances are a lot of you have already heard Avi Kaplan’s voice or seen his face sometime in the past because he used to be apart of the acapella group Pentatonix before deciding to leave and start his own solo journey as an artist. Since then he’s released an array of simply stunning songs from the Southern Gothic Change on the Rise to the more acoustically driven Aberdeen, he hasn’t had a bad song and that streak continues today with his latest single It Knows Me.

“‘It Knows Me’ was one of my favorite songs to record and produce with Mike,” Avi Kaplan explains. “I wanted this song to carry the weight of the lyrics but still contain hopefulness. The weight is carried by the huge tribal drums and the heavily stacked almost hymnal like vocal harmonies. The hopefulness is embodied in the verbed out whistles along with the guitar and mandolin.”

The highlight of this single has to be Kaplan’s simply spellbinding vocal, the deep tones he delivers sends chills down my spine with every lyric he utters and as the track builds I begin to get more and more entranced by him. There’s an array of ominous yet somehow uplifting elements to the production, with the harmoniously hymnal gang vocals, dramatic drum beats and happy-go-lucky whistling all coming together to create the backing of a sensational track that is utterly enthralling from start to finish.


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