You know that feeling you get when you wander aimlessly through a new town or city to the point where you can’t even tell where you are anymore but have never felt so happy or at home before? Well I got that feeling when I first arrived in London a few years ago and now I’m reliving that wonderful time all over again with Indigo’s latest single titled Fly Away.

The sound of the single can be seen as a combination of the classic feel good pop vibes of The Beach Boys mixed with the gorgeous atmospheric nature of Flyte’s music. The production of this track has a real calming manner with the lullful tones of the guitar transporting me away to a place where my worries seem to just melt away with the quirky tones of the vocalist making me feel like I’m soaring above the clouds. Throw in the poetic lyrics with some slick harmonies to back them and you’ve got beautifully soothing single.

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