Genres Indie Music rock

“Ready For More” is a stadium anthem from the high flying band Sea Girls


In 2019 Sea Girls has an absolutely outstanding year with them releasing an array of anthemic indie rock tracks, signed a major record deal with Polydor and dominated at Reading Festival. They’ve been working none stop and, as a result, have become of the most exciting acts breaking out of the UK scene and look set to be one of the next big rock band in Great Britain, so it’s no real surprise that their latest single Ready For More is a indie rock anthem for the ages.

This track has a great juxtaposition about it with the uplifting atmosphere created by the energetic guitar riffs, buoyant percussion section and powerful vocals being completely contrasted by the lyrics about the lead singer Henry Camamile, “staring into this abyss of nihilistic behaviour and being scared that I couldn’t change it.” The best part about this single though is that it’s a stadium anthem, it’s a track you can see these guys performing in front of sold out crowds with the audience singing every word back to them, people dancing like nobody is watching and just having the time of their life.

If you did like this track then remember on March 6th the band will be releasing their EP Under Exit Lights which looks set to be one of the best EP’s of 2020.

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