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“Bodyintoshapes” by Elliot Moss dives into the sacrifices we make to preserve the love we have


Sometimes in life we have to sacrifice something we enjoy for the name of love, we bend over backwards to make them happy and in essence lose things we find fun to preserve the love that we have together. It’s a difficult subject matter to translate into a song but the New York based artist Elliot Moss has managed to do it almost effortlessly in his latest single aptly tilted Bodyintoshapes.

Throughout the single Moss’s voice is crystal clear and offers a more subtle emotional take on the subject matter with the looping production offer this brooding atmosphere that only amplifies this further. The melodies easily get you grooving along to the melody mixed with the honey drizzled vocals effortlessly deliver the lyrics which Moss says are about, “ bending to someone’s needs; agreeing to change for them. Doing everything to preserve love, even if it means sacrificing what makes you happy.” It’s a single that has a sensational vibe to it and might be my favourite track of Moss’s to date.

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