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Gordi releases “The Cost” with all proceeds going to Australian Bushfire Relieif


I first discovered Gordi through her emotionally evocative cover of Avant Gardener and ever since then every time I’ve heard her voice I’ve becomes completely captivated. She has this way of capturing emotions so effortlessly through her honest vocal and heartfelt lyrics that has me reaching for the tissues every time without fail. So it’s no surprise that The Cost did the same and with all donations going to the NSW Rural Fire Service I urge you all to please follow the link and donate or support the cause in anyway possible.

If you need more of an incentive then please read Gordi’s statement below and do all you can to help the effort going on in Australia to stop these fires:

“Australia is on fire.

People are losing their loved ones, their homes and their communities. There have been irreparable losses to our wildlife and national parks. As in all times of tragedy, people are giving everything they can. The efforts of the Rural Fire Service, Red Cross and Wildlife Rescue are nothing short of heroic.

Yet we have a dormant political system that is watching our country dry up. These fires have fed on years of drought, on dry lifeless scrub. It is simply not an issue to debate – our country is heating from the climate crisis and now people are dying because of it. We cannot survive the inaction. We need our leaders to lead.

I come from a small farming community that is drought-stricken – Canowindra in rural New South Wales.

As a kid I remember my Dad taking the RFS truck that lives in our shed to neighbouring properties to help put out fires. The NSW Rural Fire Service is made up of volunteers and local farmers and right now they need all the assistance we can give them. 100% of proceeds from this song (including from my labels Jagjaguwar and Liberation) will go to the RFS. It is called The Cost.”

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