The LA based duo Magdalena Bay are well known for creating dazzling pieces of indie pop music that takes the retro sounds of the 80’s/90’s and brings it forward into the modern era with a contemporary twist. It’s hard to really describe their sound but it’s like a weird fusion of Madonna mixed with a bit of Grimes and splash of Britney Spears, a weird combination but damn does it work!

Their latest single is How To Get Physical, which comes off of their EP of the same name, that dives into the subject of not being comfortable enough in your own skin to forget about your worries and dance like nobody is watching. We’ve all felt it before in the corner of a club when you want to dance but just can’t bring yourself to do it and this pop duo have effortlessly expressed it through their honest lyrical performance and an ironic dance styled production to tie in with it. Combine that with the honey sweet vocals and irresistible rhythm and you’ll find it near impossible to not find yourself grooving along to this addictive new single.

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