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“Roommate” by Polly Money is a song for the hopeless romantics of the world

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If you’re looking for some good honey drizzled pop this cold and crispy January day then look no further because Polly Money has you sorted. The london songstress just dropped her latest lovelorn single Roommates today which she as, “the undeniable need to spend all of your hours lost in the person you love. Their place or yours it doesn’t matter as long as you are waking up next to them. It’s the surprise late night turn ups, it’s the falling head over and it’s wanting to build a home together. This song is for the hopeless romantics.”

The highlight of the whole track is Polly Money’s emotionally evocative vocals that get through the feeling of love effortlessly with the lyrics diving into love and how we navigate our adult life waiting to see them again. The guitar lead production has this magnetic pull that invites you slowly into her world and when the song ends you find yourself not wanting to leave it.

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