Genres Hip-Hop Indie Music

Tasha Angela leaves us with an “Indescribable Feeling”


Canadian songstress Tasha Angela has one of those voices that transports you away to a whole new world in an instant, honestly it’s liquid gold. She has this soft angelic tone that sends shivers down your spine and lyrics that tackle deep subjects effortlessly in a way that is both personal and reflective. The best example of all of this is her latest single Indescribable Feeling which she says, “is about pulling yourself out of a dark place. I came home after a bad day, sat at my piano and words began flowing out of me. I hope this song can help others who are feeling down in life the same way it helped me.

Tackling a deep subject matter can be tricky but the way Tasha Angela has done it makes the song become a cathartic experience that makes the song feel both somber but uplifting too. The lyrics feel like a confessional with her vocal soaring throughout, evoking a strong sense of emotion from start to finish with the tender minimalistic production enhancing this further til you find yourself reaching for the tissues.

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