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With poetically poignant lyrics Willow Stephens evokes nothing but emotion in “Paper Cranes”


I’ve always found tracks like Paper Cranes by Willow Stephens to be some of the most difficult to write because you’ve got to create this strong sense of evocative emotion throughout the single whilst maintaining a tender atmosphere to make the lyrics connection with people and making the whole piece something you’d want to come back to. It’s extremely difficult but Stephens has done all that and more with this song.

With lyricisms that are poetically poignant and paint an image in your mind with every lyric adding another brush stroke until the very end where you’re left with a masterpiece. Stephens’s vocal has this enchanting quality to it that makes you believe every word she is singing to the point where it feels like an old friend is telling you about their own personal woes with the minimalistic production only adding to this further. It’s the type of song that can soundtrack your late night crying sessions and allow you to think of happier times to come.

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