Tragically the festive period is over meaning we’re all going back to our dull jobs and our monotonous day to day lives… but luckily we’ve got artists like Francis Aud to offer us an escape through his infectiously happy yet somehow sad brand of funk pop. Think I’m joking? Then just check out his latest single Without You, a sad bop that was made for dancing to whilst crying uncontrollably.

The story is a tale as old as time, guy fell in love with girl, guy and girl date, girl needs to find herself so leaves the guy, the guy is a musician so writes a sad song about it. A simple story but it’s the exceptional execution that makes this track so infectious with the happy-go-lucky brass section making you want to dance like nobody is watching, an irresistible percussion that get’s your foot tapping with ease and these euphoria inducing vocals that just make you smile from ear to ear whilst the lyrics will have tears rolling down your face. What’s not to love?

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