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Ones To Watch 2020: Blithe


When it comes to creating an empowering pop track is confidence and Blithe has that in abundance. She’s already proven she’s a big hitter in the world of pop with her already getting gigs at festivals like The Great Escape as apart of BBC Introducing and getting a lot of love from fans across the globe with her intoxicating synth driven tracks with catchy hooks getting more and more love with every release.

Work It Out is an optimistic anthem about how no matter how terrible things are you can fix that, if you really want to and features an infectious synth melodies, jocular guitar riffs, peppy vocals and a hook that you’ll be singing out loud for many days to come. Don’t Blink has an array of intoxicating synths placed carefully around the sonic soundscape mixed with the occasional guitar riff, finger clicks and backing vocals to create a lusciously good rhythm, along with a sensual energy that just can’t be beat.

Blithe has had an impressive 2019 and I can only see her continuing her meteoric rise to the top in 2020. Be sure to keep an eye on her.

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