New Zealand born artist Camp 8 is an artist who has captivated me throughout 2019 with him releasing three singles that’ve been on my heavy rotation ever since they came out and will probably continue to be in 2020. He’s had a lot of support in 2019 with Triple J being the main supporter who’ve really pushed him as the next one to watch.

His debut single Everything is spellbinding, it captures you with the atmospheric production featuring a stark backing of only a gentle strumming pattern of an acoustic guitar, luscious vocal harmonies, somber piano chords and the occasional violin melody that builds up the emotionally enthralling nature of the track. Shudder then went for a more minimalistic style in the production with the piece being reminiscent of a song you would play during the tearful scene in a romantic movie. Then his final single of 2019 Barbie which is a cinematically driven single with huge amounts of emotion behind it that leaves you quite speechless.

Camp 8 is one of those rare artists that makes you stop what you’re doing and lose yourself in the emotion of his music and soon realise you have tears pouring down your face. 2020 will be good to him, I have no doubt.

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