Tamera is an artist I’ve had an eye for many years now and I’ve been patiently waiting for her to drop her debut single, luckily 2019 was the year that happened and it fully demonstrated the talent this 22 year old possesses. She’s got this effortless ability to craft songs that have this raw honesty to them with her lusciously toned vocal evoking a strong sense of emotion throughout her songs.

Her debut track was Romeo a neo soul track that features these divine chill hop beats mixed with a smokey jazz atmosphere that allows Tamera’s vocal to soar beautifully throughout the entire piece. Don’t Phone then built on that success where she explores the effects of insecurities in a relationship through honest yet poignant lyricisms and effective story telling that makes you feel as if you’re living the lyrics yourself.

There is just something about Tamera that excites me and the more I hear from her the more enthralled by her sound I get and I think 2020 is going to be her year.

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