New Zealand’s music scene has been thriving over the past few years and when you’ve got indescribably talented artists like the rebellious Cecily it’s easy to see why the countries becoming a hot spot for new talent. Cecily is an artist who sticks her middle finger into the air for what modern society thinks she should be and embraces her own personality whilst representing all those people in the world who aren’t ‘Bubbly Britneys.’

Her debut track Thinking About Me was a self care anthem she wrote when she was wallowing in self pity with the lyrics being the words that she thought she needed to hear and other people might need to as well during their darker times. She continued to be the queen of dark humoured melodrama in Awake which tells the story of the joyous start of a new relationship and the sweet euphoria this sensation induces. Then we have her latest offering Red Flags, something we all ignore because when you look at someone with rose tinted glasses those red flags just look like flags, but not anymore for Cecily who chooses to no longer turn a blind eye to them in this number.

I’m really excited to see what 2020 holds for this New Zealand star as her music offers something different than the usual cookie cutter pop-star and has this rebellious nature that makes her music simply irresistible.

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