With every single song she’s released the Irish artist Jenn has consistently impressed us with her brand of Dark Pop that is reminiscent of Lorde mixed with some of the flair from Dua Lipa. However what I admire most about Jenn is how she noticed how few black female Irish artists were in the music scene and now wants to be the artist future generations of black female Irish musical could look up to and see that they can achieve their musical dreams too.

The first track we came across, Sober Up, is still one of my favourite releases from 2019 as the piece being utterly enthralling with the flourishes of shimmering synths, a hauntingly beautiful vocal leading your through the piece with lyrics that are way beyond someone of Jenn’s 19 years of age and an ear worm of hook that stays with you long after the song is over. Then her follow up Star Signs, which showcases her spellbind tone, amazed us again with the empowering lyrics that build until the very end of the piece where you feel as if you can do anything.

Throughout 2019 we’ve backed Jenn and we fully believe 2020 is her year. She’s already constantly shown us this year that she’s a force to be reckoned and in 2020 I can see her pushing more boundaries and becoming a name on everyones lips. Listen to all her music below and fall in love with her sound today.

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