Brighton based band Thyla have had an explosive 2019 with the quartet releasing an array of glistening cathartic dream pop singles that are driven forward with a punk like sensibility. Their music finds this sublime balance between melancholy lyrics that are quite poetic with their delivery and euphoria inducing production that makes you feel like you’re walking on air whilst giving us this high that you feel like you’re never going to come down from.

Two Sense has these anthemic guitars that crash together with the hard-hitting percussion section that releases this insane animosity that makes the whole piece soar. Lenox Hill that has already become one of my favourite running tracks with the eclectic guitars and thriving vocal surging you forward whilst making you never want to stop moving. Then you’ve got December that sees the band offer a more spacious and emotionally evocative side of their music with the poignantly written lyrics coming from a dark place with the line, “Maybe I’m still afraid,” sending chills down my spine every time I hear it.

This band look set to be something truly special and I fully believe in 2020 they will become an artist that everyone will be talking about. Check out their discography below and keep a close eye on them for the year to come.

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