German singer songwriter HARINA has been focusing on her own musical dreams ever since leaving dentistry studies in 2016 and was even apart of the Polydor Records duo Zazoo in 2018. The duo disbanded soon after due to health reasons and now she’s putting all her efforts into her solo project and our first taste of this is her debut single Last Christmas about how we may soon actually have our last Christmas.

What I do enjoy about this song is that it doesn’t shy away from the fact that it’s a Christmas song with the inclusion of these sleigh bells during the drop that are simply lush. However the biggest highlight of the track is that it’s a pop song with substance because the lyrics are focusing on the ever growing climate change problem the world is facing but wrapping it all up into a Christmas track. It’s edgy, it’s quirky and it is actually an intelligent Christmas song that makes you question when our final time experiencing the Holiday season will be if we don’t act now.

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