The Danish rising star ELBA has been making quite the name for herself in her home country of Denmark with her performing at some big festivals and becoming a big name to watch. Today’s she’s dropped her latest single Dirty Footprints which sees her go for a more club anthem based pop track compared to her previous releases but she still keeps elements of her signature sound that little bit of flair that makes her music literally pop.

Lyrically the track focuses on getting critiqued by someone about an element of your personality and not being able to let it go to the point where it gets stuck to you like dirt as the honest lyric, “All you left was Dirty Footprints baby, not able do wash them off,” explains quite flawlessly. The production is intoxicatingly good, it’s something that can see a dead club get brought back to life with the additive synth melodies and the fiery explosion that is the chorus. Although this track focuses on a negative part of life there’s that glimmer of hope towards the end that no matter what anyone says you’ll always come out stronger than you were before.

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