Pop punk in the Britain is going through a glorious period right now with countless British bands beginning to get a global audience for their addictive anthemic music and because of this a lot of sublime up and comers are making their way into the limelight and there’s no better representation of that than the quartet Finer Things. They recently dropped the high flying single G+T which features the best chorus that this band have ever written.

The track is lead by these highflying guitars that bring this track to life whilst making you want to leap out of your seat and dance like nobody in the world is watching. The vocal add this edge to the piece with them getting across the angst of the lyrics effortlessly and the bridge that leads to the chorus demonstrates this perfectly with it being a grand example of what Britain has to offer to the Pop Punk scene. Yeah if you’re looking for your next favourite band whether it’s during your emo phase or because you just love the genre, then this is the band you’re gonna want to check out.

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