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Mungo Parker talks about his past regrets in the evocative “If I Had My Time Again”


British singer songwriter Mungo Parker is an old soul trapped in a younger man’s body with his brand of evocative songwriting being reminiscent of artists like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash in a lot of ways. His latest track If I Had My Time again proves this further with it having these beautifully poetic lyrics that will have you reaching for the tissues in no time at all and thinking about past regrets.

The narrative of the track is Parker looking back at his life filled with regret about all the things he would’ve done differently with the most poignant lyric being, “If I could life again / I’d spend less days chasing shadows / With more time in summer sun.” His vocal is oozing this heartfelt emotion with each note hitting you like the final blow in a prize winning fight with the organically raw yet minimal production adding to this further. It’s just a beautiful track that will stay with you days, even weeks, after listening to it wondering what you would’ve done differently.

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