Back in the Spring of 2018 in Brighton the 5 piece band MOTH was formed with their dynamic indie rock sound taking influence from a range of different genres, from the beats of hip hop, groove of reggae and the guitar licks of psychedelia being only a few examples of this. Recently the quintet released their latest single Waste Of Time which weaves the narrative of you loving someone more than they’re capable of loving you.

“Waste of Time is about someone not loving you back as much as you love them,” Lead vocalist of the band Joel explains. “You feel like you don’t know what’s wrong and you question whether or not being with this girl is a waste of time. I feel a lot of people can relate to this as I have been in this position before and I know others that have also.”

What I love most about this track is the simply electric production that features these intoxicatingly good guitar melodies that have you swaying along to the melodies in a matter of seconds combined with this looping percussion section that adds to this insatiable groove even further. The vocals from Joel are also a highlight with them having this raw emotional quality to them that is reminiscent of Frank Ocean in his track Bad Religion. Add in the poetically poignant lyrics and you’ve got a sublime track.

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