One of the most impressive acts coming out of 2019 has to be the Scottish trio Liimo who’s infection brand of R&B infused indie pop has left me utterly in love with everything they’ve released. They’ve proven why Scotland’s music scene continues to be one of the best across the world and their latest 90’s inspired single Old School doesn’t buck that trend in the slightest.

“It’s about that classic, 90’s romcom kind of love,” Kieran of the band explains. “You know, how it used to be; not that love at first swipe kind of thing. And it’s getting colder, we wanted to bring out a track that made people get a little closer.”

There’s this strong sense of nostalgia throughout the track with lyrics like, “stuck in shitty retail jobs / forever staring at the clock / will you meet round back at five when I get off,” capturing that sense of young love beautifully. The lovelorn vocals are oozing with this passionate love that provide the perfect backing to this story, almost like a narrator going over what this young couple have been going through this past year. This is a track that belongs in a modern day romcom and I can honestly see 2020 being the year Liimo blows up and takes the world by storm.

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