One of the things that musicians often suffer with is trying to get a whole relationship into a single song whilst still making us all personally connect with the song and it’s something that has rarely been done successfully. Luckily though the Swedish-Canadian indie pop outfit Transit Club have managed to do it effortlessly in their melancholic heartbreak anthem Go.Flow.

I think ‘Go.Flow’ is my first honest break up song. I sought out to write a chorus that would make just as much emotional sense following a hopeful 1st verse, as it would a pensive 2nd verse, and a heartbroken bridge,” Transit Club explains. “The song thematically grows from positive and naive, to bitter and distraught. Sure, ok, let’s just go with the flow, lose control, and do nothing to make this work.”

The production of the track has an air of The 1975 mixed with a bit of The Japanese House with these melodic guitars creating this tender atmosphere and soft synth beats building an emotional presence throughout the track. Vocally if often sounds like they’re crying towards the end, especially during the verses, which only heightens the melancholy nature of the piece further and making the story the lyrics are telling hit you like the final blow in a prize winning fight.

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