Electro pop and funk have been getting a lot of love lately with many artists finding ways to fuse the two genres together in new and increasingly exciting ways. The latest band to try this is All The Rest who’s latest single Far Apart manages to take the sensational 80’s groove that came from funk along with the intoxicatingly addictive hooks from electro pop and mashes them together into a dazzling track.

“‘Far Apart is summed up version of the crazy journey I’ve been on for the past 4 years of my life,” lead vocalist Baylee explains. “I’m in a long distance relationship with an amazing girl who lives across the world from me. As you can imagine, it gets really hard sometimes. Recently we were in a bad place where we weren’t sure if the relationship was working. I was driving home one night, feeling really overwhelmed, and I started singing this sad chorus out loud, as though I was singing to her.”

with a rather compelling backstory behind this track it makes sense that it manages to evoke this strong sense of human emotion, it’s not exactly sadness but it’s not happiness either, it’s bittersweet. It’s the type of song you’ll sing in your room with a wide smile on your face and tears streaming down your face and that is what makes this something rather extraordinary.

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