Nashville has one of the most booming pop scenes out there right now, every single week tons of brilliant artists release dynamic pieces of pop that captivate audiences across the globe and Bryar is definitely joining that crowd with her debut single Still Lie. She’s finally been able to release her debut single after being released from a small record label who’s hyper-controlling leadership resulted in her not being able to release music for three years. It was more than worth the wait though with this debut.

Still Lie focuses on the internal struggle we all have when we’re trying our best to do the right thing but still end up hurting the people we care most about in the process. These poignantly written lyrics are the centre piece of this track with the sparse production being built around the vulnerable vocal delivery that makes you feel every drop of emotion she’s put into her songwriting. It’s tender, emotionally evocative and a perfect way to introduce her sound to the world.

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