What’s the best way of describing Young in a Million’s latest piece of pop rock Avenue? Well it’d probably be if U2 got tired of writing the sad boi music of today and went for something more uplifting and timeless, if you don’t believe me just listen to this track because even the opening of it is reminiscent of U2’s With or Without You.

What I truly love about this piece is the production, it features these anthemic guitar melodies that fill you up with such joy throughout and easily put a smile on your face as the vocalist belts out these inspiring lyrics that make everything in the world seem okay and that’s what make this band different to any other out there. In a world where the majority of artists are writing music about some of the darkest moments of their lives this band focuses on finding hopefulness in everything around them and with the world being a dark place right now we really do need bands like them.

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