Jane Holiday is a ‘60s film star who hangs out in Cannes whilst smokes tiny cigarettes and if that description of this artist isn’t enough to get you into his take on modern day Brit Pop then his latest single Living surely will. I mean it’s hard not to fall in love with something that has the groove of a Marvin Gaye track and rock n roll nature of a Rolling Stones songs.

“Living was a track originally conceptualized while traveling through India.” Jane Holiday explains. “The chorus screams ‘the sun comes up, the stars go down, I hold my head and say, this can’t be living…’ As morbid as that idea may be, I felt it was important to speak for a group of people who live in a reality that is so unfavorable that they don’t even get the opportunity to listen to music. The contrast between the music and the lyrics is pivotal for me. Something that sounds so optimistic sonically, but speaks to a such a dark part of existence is something I don’t hear as often as I would like.”

One of the highlights from this track is the juxtaposition between those quite dark lyrics and the more optimistically uplifting production, it creates a unique dynamic that gives this track that extra edge to make it capture your imagination. You’ve then got Holiday’s compelling vocal that soars over the verses before transcending to new heights in the chorus before leaving you with this feeling of wanting more. That’s the thing with Jane Holiday, one song is never enough, after listening to one you just want to listen to more.

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