If you’re a fan of The Weeknd then you’re gonna want to listen to the Florida based producer, songwriter and singer CatchTwentyTwo and his latest offering Set It Off. The whole piece is pure dark R&B at it’s finest that enthrals you from the moment it starts until the luscious ending.

Set It Off is an R&B and hip-hop hybrid that’s main flair comes from the divine melodies featured throughout the richly atmospheric production and, of course, the intoxicating hooks that you’ll be effortlessly singing under your breath for weeks to come. There’s also these pop sensibilities injected into this single too with it making an instant connection whilst also subtly getting stuck into you head without you even realising, making it a ridiculously radio friendly piece.

What CatchTwentyTwo does is take you into his world and leaves you wanting to return every time a track ends. Honestly that’s all you could hope for in a musician.

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