Sometimes all you is a song that can put a smile on your face, you don’t want to feel sad, you don’t want to bring up bad memories, all you want is to have fun, smile and dance like nobody is watching and that’s exactly what Tarantola do in their latest single. Just a few seconds into Bom Chiaca Bom and it’s hard not groove along the addictive melody and smile like a Cheshire Cat.

The best way of describing this track is that it’s like Harry Belafonte’s Jump In Line combined with his Banana Boat Song, they both bring utter joy to whoever listens to it with the kookiness of the carnival to match. Underlying all of this though is a message of unity with the fruits in the track being a metaphor for people to freely express their sexuality no matter where they are and the best place to do that you ask? Well it’s at the beach whilst we all eat bananas and papayas!

This track is just an invitation for everyone to come and celebrate who they are. No matter what part of the globe you’re from we’re all family and should all love whoever we truly are.

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