The start of a new relationship is something many artists have tried to capture in the past but it always feels like they miss the mark ever so slightly. I mean there’s this air of mystery of not knowing a lot about each other, the excitement of having butterflies in your stomach again and the melancholy feeling of knowing it may not last. It’s something people struggle to get across in one song but Paper Lions have managed to do that effortlessly in Fireworks.

“Fireworks tries to capture the thrill of a new relationship,” the band explains. “At the start of a romance, there’s often a night where things just click, and your feelings explode. While those feelings sometimes quickly fade, you always remember the mystery, melancholia and excitement. It plays out in your mind as vividly as if it were yesterday.”

The thing that made this track work so well for me was the production, it manages to balance that line between being a full happy go lucky track or a full melancholy track to really give you a vivid recollection of the start of your last/current relationship. The lyricisms as well evoke this feeling of familiarity, you can remember having these feelings, the experience of getting to know each other and those magical moments you spent together. It just expresses the honeymoon period in a relationship perfectly.

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