Outside of London I would say Brighton is one of the biggest hubs of creativity in England with hundreds upon thousands of artists releasing spectacular pieces of music from their on a regular basis. Today that rule continues with Brighton’s very own LUME coming out with the emotionally honest piece Live With It.

“The intro feels like a hypnotic mantra to me, the kind of mantra where you’re having to keep telling yourself that everything will be fine!” LUME explains how the track began. “This mantra keeps repeating in the song, with double choruses desperately repeating, ‘need to live with it’. Even though the track has dark threads to it, it’s more about the need for forgiveness in a relationship and overcoming doubts in ourselves, so that we can learn to trust in others.”

The minimalistic production of the track is simply divine with the subtle synths creating this quiet and almost intimate atmosphere that builds upon the river of emotion LUME pours out through her emotively vulnerable vocal. The lyricism create this evocative sense of emotion with he poignancy of them being almost poetic and when you combine all of that with the celestial tone of her voice you’re left completely floored by her spellbinding sound.

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