Sea Girls are one of those bands who have never really had a bad song, honestly you can go through their entire discography and they’ve never missed a beat. Their latest single Violet was a personal favourite of mine and I’m buzzing with the fact they’ve released a highly energetic and feel good music video to go a long with it. All I need now is for the track to be featured in a Netflix coming of age movie and we’re all sorted!

“We may have songs with darkness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the light,” the band explain their music video. “‘Violet’ is wildly optimistic and for the video we find ourselves in an abandoned building and this time we aren’t feeling sorry for ourselves.”

Whilst the music video might be simple it’s actually this that gives it a wonderful charm. It allows the band members to all express their own personalities into the way they perform in this, for example Rory in the band is dancing like a maniac with that guitar. Add that stadium anthem of a single in and this whole piece will easily put a smile on your face in a matter of seconds.

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