A lot of the time after we break up with someone, no matter how hard we try or how messy the make up is, we’ll often still harbour feelings for them. Sure they might be hidden deep down and we may not even know it ourselves, but the second we look at that person we suddenly have butterflies in our stomach and we just don’t know why. That’s what Aaron Taos talks about in his latest single, appropriately titled Closure.

“‘Closure’ is about the process of searching for resolution after a break-up,” he explains. “It’s about that unexpected rush of emotions that come when you unexpectedly see your old person’s face – even when you were sure you were over them.”

Taos has a really knack for creating irresistible hooks that get stuck in your head as well as a slick production featuring an array of punchy synths and bluesy guitar melodies that create this lovelorn feeling instantly. Then you’ve got the lyrics that get across the feelings of seeing you ex perfectly with his vocal expertly hitting the lows in the verses and highs in the chorus of seeing them. It’s a subject that people rarely talk about in songs but Taos has managed to do so in a way that seems effortless to him.

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