There’s an old quote from Mother Theresa about how she alone cannot make any changes to the world, but she can be the one to cast a stone into water to create many ripples. I think this quote reflects what Frogi was trying to say in thnk u which is about how all these different people in your life can help mould you into who you are today. That one stone they cast ended up effecting multiple parts about you as a person.

“The song ‘thnk u’ was the first song I ever wrote for the project,” Frogi explain. “I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the song that started this whole adventure. It’s a reflective song about the person or people in my life that have really challenged me or hurt me, and how it’s molded me into a stronger, wiser, all around better person.” 

The intimate nature of this track is a big highlight with the ethereal vocal of Frogi simply soaring throughout with the layered vocals backing her adding this magical element to the piece being the main elements of the production, until the final third when the percussion enters the picture. The lyricisms are the main focus of the track with them being pure poetry that add more to the cathartic listening experience. Pure bliss and if you’re loving this track check out her brand new Introvert EP.

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