Already this year Mysie has impressed me with her angelic masterpiece of a debut EP Chapter 11 that was filled with mesmerising pieces of music that left me reeling from the emotional impact and begging for more. Today she’s released her follow up single to that EP Sweet Relief and, as expected, leaves me completely floored and entranced by the beauty unfolding before my own ears.

“‘Sweet Relief’ is a celebration of a non-romantic love; a love for nature and the world around us” Mysie explains. “I was inspired by three birds sitting together in a tree in Somerset, being, and it was a vivid moment for me.”

The cinematic production is spellbinding, it creates this ambient yet mystical atmosphere that perfectly compliments celestial vocal just transports you to whole new world. You just sit there as the dreamlike soundscape sends takes you away from your home, tube ride or work and makes you feel as if you’re floating on air. It’s an awe stunning piece where every little detail feels like an individual stroke in a painting and when it’s put together, you’re left with a masterpiece.

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