“Dominic Sen is the 7th and only surviving child of the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy called M64 (The Evil Eye Galaxy). Barely escaping their mother’s event horizon shortly after birth, Dominic traversed the void of intergalactic space to Earth where they fell in love with pop music, fandom, and the myth of stardom.”

Yeah, that’s the profile of the Dominic Sen and already I’m completely invested in all music they’re producing. It’s like Ziggy Stardust but the dial has been cranked up to an all time high, plus the music they create is sublime and Natural History is a prime example of this.

There’s an unmistakable charm to the production with the glistening synths, melodic string section and alluring guitar plucking pattern that all come together to create an inviting atmosphere that just draws you into the track. Vocally there is this emotional vulnerability that comes across with her whisper like tone that gets amplified further by the intimate lyrics that have a poetic sensibility about them. Throw a lo-fi music video into the mix and you’ll find yourself soon getting transported to the world Dominic Sen has created for us all to experience.

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