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New Zealand’s RIIKI debuts her music to the world in the shimmering pop anthem “One Day”


Ever since Lorde made her grand debut in the music world a new generation of spectacular talent of New Zealand have been making waves across the world and one artist hoping to join that roster is RIIKI who today has released her debut single. Now, debut singles are incredibly important as they introduce their sound to the world, it’s their first impression and she’s made one hell of an impression with One Day.

“The track is about desiring that one day something you really want will be right where you want it to be, whether that is a dream, goal or a person,” RIIKI explains. “You dream about it so much that it absorbs every part of your brain, wishing you had it. The track ultimately puts you in a dream state thinking about your own ‘One Day’ thoughts.”

One Day is a soaring piece of pop music that grabs you instantaneously with the glistening synth production, that is reminiscent of Jorja Smith, that just sends you to a whole new world. However the it’s RIIKI’s vocal that truly shines in this track, each note she sings leaves you completely enthralled, she just has you in the palm of her hand and when she hits those high notes during the chorus it is just sublime. Looks like New Zealand definitely has another global pop star in the making.


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