Berlin, a city that has one of the most outstanding music scenes around so it’s no real surprised why artists from across the globe migrate their to join in and that’s what’s happened with the Swedish electronic act Helax. Today he’s released his debut EP along with his single Tell Me Tell Me and if you’re into sad club anthems then look no further.

The best way to describe this track is that it’s like an alt pop version of Robyn’s anthem Dancing On My Own, except this track comes from slightly more raunchy beginnings. Recorded in a cheap motel just outside the red light district lead to Helax basing his EP on the area with the lead single focusing more on the loneliness behind why people go there. It’s a song you can dance away your pain to with a sublimely melancholy production but will also leave you thinking with the honest yet poignant lyrics. Well worth a listen.

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